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Photo baby shower invitations are fun, creative templates that feature a variety of photos to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new baby.

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When it comes to hosting a baby shower, there are countless themes to choose from. One popular and creative option is to incorporate photo baby shower invitations. These personalized invitations not only capture the essence of the parents-to-be but also set the tone for a memorable celebration. If you’re looking for other baby shower themes that can be paired with photo invitations, here are some ideas to consider:

“A Walk Down Memory Lane” Theme

Invitations featuring throwback photos of the parents-to-be can serve as a nostalgic introduction to a “Walk Down Memory Lane” themed baby shower. Decorate the venue with old photographs and memorabilia from their childhoods, creating an atmosphere that celebrates their journey leading up to parenthood.

  • Set up a photo booth area where guests can take fun snapshots.
  • Create a timeline display showcasing significant moments in the couple’s lives.
  • Ask guests to bring their favorite childhood photos and share stories behind them.

“Baby Through the Ages” Theme

Transform your baby shower into a trip through time by incorporating a “Baby Through the Ages” theme. Use black-and-white or sepia-toned photographs on the invitations and throughout the event space to create a vintage aesthetic.

  • Decorate tables with framed photographs capturing different eras.
  • Display a collage of milestone photos representing various stages of infancy.
  • Incorporate retro-inspired games and activities such as bobbing for apples or playing classic board games.

“Picture Perfect Parenthood” Theme

Celebrate the impending arrival of parenthood with a “Picture Perfect Parenthood” theme, focusing on images that encapsulate joyous moments in family life. Capture candid shots of expectant parents or use professional maternity photos on the invitations.

  • Set up an area where guests can contribute pictures and well wishes for a personalized “photo album” guest book.
  • Create a slideshow showcasing adorable baby and family pictures during the event.
  • Offer disposable cameras to guests and encourage them to take snapshots of the celebration.

“Oh, Baby. Photo Montage” Theme

For a modern twist on photo baby shower invitations, opt for a “Oh, Baby. Photo Montage” theme. Utilize collages or Instagram-style designs on the invitations and incorporate this aesthetic throughout the event.

  • Set up a DIY photo booth area with props and backdrops for guests to create their own picture-perfect moments.
  • Display a large photo collage featuring images of friends and family members with the parents-to-be.
  • Create an interactive display where guests can add Polaroid photos or write messages on a designated wall or board.

Incorporating photo baby shower invitations adds a personal touch to any celebration. Whether you choose to embrace nostalgia, capture precious moments through the ages, celebrate parenthood, or embrace modernity with a photo montage theme, these ideas will inspire you to create a memorable baby shower experience. Capturing memories is an integral part of welcoming a new addition to the family, making these themes perfectly suited for celebrating this joyous occasion.

A Baby’s Arrival – Celebrated with Photo Invitations

Photo baby shower invitations are a fun and unique way to celebrate the impending arrival of a new baby. These amusing templates include a variety of photos, such as doting parents-to-be, ultrasound images, or cute stuffed animals, that can be customized to create a unique look for each special occasion. Friends and family will be able to admire the beautiful images while sharing in the joy and anticipation of the new bundle of joy who is on its way with these photo invites!

Photo baby shower invitations are invitation templates that allow expecting parents to include a personalized photo of themselves or their baby bump, making the invitations extra special and unique. Photo invitations come in various themes, from rustic and western to elegant and virtual. This page provides a comprehensive guide for selecting the best photo baby shower invitation based on different themes and paper types.

Rustic / Western

For those looking for a more rustic or western-themed baby shower, the following are perfect choices:

  • Western Watercolor Photo Baby Girl Shower: The Western Watercolor design features cute watercolor illustrations of cacti, arrows, and horseshoes, with a photo of the expecting mom-to-be in the center. It’s perfect for a boho-chic or country-inspired celebration.
  • CHIC KRAFT CUSTOM PHOTO COUPLES BABY SHOWER INVITE: This invitation has a rustic feel, with its kraft paper background and wooden heart graphic. This invitation can be customized with photos of both parents-to-be for a personalized touch.


For those who prefer a more minimalistic approach to their baby shower invitations, there are several options available:

  • JOLIE Modern Minimal Heart Boho: This design features a simple heart graphic on top of a white background, with the option to add a photo of the expectant mother below.
  • Minimalist Photo QR Code Baby Shower: This design allows for one or multiple photos to be added onto a plain white card. For tech-savvy guests, the Minimalist Photo QR Code designs allow for an easy way to RSVP by scanning the included QR code with their phone’s camera.
  • Minimalist Photo: This design is similar to Minimalist Photo QR Code but without the QR code element.
  • Minimalist simple modern bear Baby Shower Photo: Perfect for those who want a little touch of cuteness without compromising their minimalist aesthetic.

Elegant / Virtual

For those looking for an elegant or virtual baby shower invitation, there are several options available:

  • CHIC GREY CUSTOM PHOTO COUPLES BABY SHOWER INVITE: This invitation features a chic grey and white design with the option to add photos of both parents-to-be.
  • Elegant and modern Virtual Baby shower photo: This design is perfect for those who are hosting a virtual celebration, with its sleek black and gold design and the option to include a photo of the expectant mother.
  • HARPER modern: This invitation features a minimalist geometric pattern in shades of grey and pink, with the option to include a photo of the mom-to-be in the center. It’s perfect for those who want an elegant and modern touch to their baby shower invitations.

Premium Paper Types

For truly unique and luxurious finishes that create lasting impressions, premium cardstock is an excellent choice. The following are some of the paper types available:

Kraft Paper

Produced in the USA by French Paper Company, Kraft paper is a premium paper type with a thickness of 14 points and weight of 100 lb/270 GSM. French Paper Company’s Kraft is Premium Kraft – a delightful earth tone paper with a beautifully smooth texture. The au naturel look is perfect for outdoorsy occasions that call for a romantic DIY touch. Made and printed in the USA, premium features include being eco-friendly; made with 30% post-consumer content, earth tone with a smooth texture, and made with 100% renewable hydroelectric energy.

Pearl Shimmer Paper

Produced in Italy by Fedrigoni, Pearl Shimmer paper is another premium paper type with a thickness of 14.3 points and weight of 110 lb/300 GSM. Fedrigoni’s Pearl Shimmer is Premium Pearl Shimmer – a luxurious choice for all your most special announcements; a smooth, white-hued paper that’s the perfect designer backdrop for your most significant milestones. Features include a luxuriously satin texture enhanced with a shimmer finish, being made in Italy and printed in the USA, and FSC certified.

Personalized photo baby shower invitations are an excellent way to make your invitation stand out. Whether you’re looking for a rustic or western-themed invitation, minimalist design or an elegant/virtual style, there are numerous options available. Additionally, various paper types add durability and aesthetic appeal to your invitations to create lasting impressions on your guests.

Photo baby shower invitations are the answer if you’re looking for something creative and one-of-a-kind.

They provide a fun way to personalize your special occasion while creating lasting memories. Continue reading to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of these eye-catching invitations.


  1. Personalize your invitation with photos of mommy, daddy, and their soon-to-be bundle of joy!
  2. Include multiple photos or design elements that reflect the parents’ personalities and preferences.
  3. The large number of designs available make it simple to create an invitation that stands out from traditional paper invites.
  4. Printed copies serve as keepsakes, ensuring that guests remember this special occasion long after it has passed.


  1. Since photos look best if you choose glossy and heavier paper options, printing costs may be higher than standard cardstock invitations.
  2. High resolution images must be used to avoid blurry results when printing on larger formats such as cards or banners.

All in all, there isn’t much not to love about photo baby shower invitations! Although there may be some additional costs, we believe that having high quality designs that capture all of those special memories is well worth it! Whether you need something eye-catching or simply want something different, incorporating photos into your celebration will not disappoint.

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