Couples Joint Baby Shower Invitations

Couples baby shower invitations are invitation designs for couples expecting a baby that feature design elements such as footprints, storks, and more.

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When it comes to planning a baby shower, couples these days are often looking for themes that can be enjoyed by both men and women. Gone are the days of exclusively feminine baby showers. Many couples now prefer to celebrate the impending arrival of their little one together, surrounded by friends and family in a gender-neutral environment. If you’re hosting a couples baby shower, here are some alternative themes that can suit any couple’s taste.

Adventure Theme:

  • Inspiration: An adventure-themed baby shower is perfect for active and outdoorsy parents-to-be.
  • Decorations: Set up camping tents, use rustic elements like wooden décor and natural greenery, and incorporate hiking or travel-inspired decorations such as maps or globes.
  • Activities: Organize outdoor games like scavenger hunts or relay races. Alternatively, you could set up a DIY craft station where guests can create personalized onesies or nursery artwork.
  • Food: Include picnic-style finger foods and snacks, as well as adventurous desserts like s’mores or trail mix cookies.

Sports Theme:

  • Inspiration: A sports-themed baby shower is ideal for sports-loving couples who want to showcase their passion for athletics.
  • Decorations: Incorporate elements from the couple’s favorite sports teams, such as jerseys, pennants, or mini basketball hoops. Use sporty colors like navy blue and red to decorate the venue.
  • Activities: Plan fun sports-related games like a mini golf putting competition or a friendly basketball shootout. You could also organize a baby-themed trivia game with questions related to famous athletes who became parents recently.
  • Food: Serve stadium-style snacks like hot dogs, nachos, and popcorn along with refreshing drinks.

Movie Night Theme:

  • Inspiration: A movie night theme is perfect for film enthusiasts who enjoy spending cozy evenings watching movies together.
  • Decorations: Set up a movie theater ambiance with dim lights, comfy seating, and a projector screen. Use movie-themed decorations like film reels or popcorn boxes as centerpieces.
  • Activities: Create a “Guess the Movie” game where guests have to identify famous quotes from popular films. You can also set up a photo booth with movie props to capture fun memories.
  • Food: Prepare classic movie snacks such as popcorn, nachos, and candy. Consider setting up a concession stand with various snack options.

Choosing a couples baby shower theme allows both parents-to-be to feel involved in the celebration while creating an enjoyable experience for all attendees. Whether it’s an adventure-filled outdoor gathering, a sports-themed event showcasing their favorite teams, or a cozy movie night at home, these alternative themes offer exciting and memorable ways to celebrate the impending arrival of their little one together. By incorporating elements that resonate with the couple’s interests and personal style, the baby shower will be a joyous celebration that reflects their unique journey into parenthood.

Remember to have fun planning and organizing your couples baby shower and create an atmosphere that celebrates the love and happiness surrounding this special milestone in their life.

Celebrate in Style with Couples Baby Shower Invitations

Expectant parents can now celebrate their upcoming bundle of joy in style thanks to personalized baby shower invitations! These invitations have design elements that include adorable footprints, playful storks, and other details that are just too cute for words. Whether the couple prefers a classic or modern style, these designs will make it simple to announce the arrival of their newborn in a memorable way. Allow your loved ones to join in the fun with these adorable couples baby shower invitations!

Expectant parents who want to celebrate their new arrival with both male and female guests can choose from a variety of couples baby shower invitations. These invitation templates offer gender-neutral themes and designs that cater to both the mother-to-be and father-to-be, making them perfect for couples who want to celebrate together. We’ll explore some fun and modern themes for couples baby shower invitations, as well as paper options that are sustainable and stylish.

Modern and Fun Themes

For couples looking to celebrate their impending arrival in a modern and fun way, these invitations are perfect. The “Funky Modern Orange Tiny Human Shindig” invites set the tone for a lively and exciting event with their funky orange design. The “Blue and Gold Baby Bash, Couples” invitations add a touch of sophistication to the celebration, while those on a budget can still achieve a stylish look with the “Budget Modern Cute Dusty Peach Baby Shower Invite.”

Hippie Chic Themes

Couples who love all things bohemian and free-spirited will adore these invitations. The “Watercolor Tie Dye Peace Hippie” invites feature a colorful, tie-dye design reminiscent of Woodstock-era fashion. The “Moon and Stars” invites offer a mystical twist on the typical baby shower theme, while the “S’more fun with Twins” invitations have an outdoorsy feel perfect for hippie couples.

Foodie Fun Themes

For foodie couples who love good eats as much as they love each other, these invitations are sure to hit the spot. The “Pizza & Beer Diapers Casual Couples” invites are perfect for those who want to keep things laid back but still deliciously fun. The “Mexican Fiesta Taco Bout A Baby Couple’s Shower Postcard” invites bring a spicy twist to traditional baby shower fare, while the “BabyQue Picnic BBQ Couple’s” invitations offer up a classic summertime feast that will have guests licking their fingers.

Sustainable and Stylish Paper Options

To make your invitations even more special, consider using environmentally sustainable paper options that also look great. Two popular options are Laid paper and Felt Ecru paper.

Laid paper is produced by Neenah Inc. in the USA, featuring a richly crafted ribbed texture from the art of watermarking. With a thickness of 16.5 points and weight of 100 lb/270 GSM, Laid boasts unparalleled craftsmanship reminiscent of the first handmade paper. It comes in soft white with a bespoke look and feel, and is eco-friendly with 30% post-consumer content. Plus, it is FSC certified for added environmental responsibility.

Felt Ecru paper is another sustainable option, produced by Mohawk Fine Papers in the USA. With a thickness of 16.6 points and weight of 110 lb/300 GSM, this slightly rustic paper has the finesse of fine art similar to high-quality watercolor paper. Its warm and creamy hue adds elegance to any event, while its velvet-to-the-touch texture makes it stand out from ordinary invitation paper. The best part? It’s eco-friendly too, made using 100% wind-powered electricity.

Couples baby shower invitations offer an exciting way for expectant parents to celebrate their new arrival with both male and female guests. Whether you’re looking for modern and fun themes or bohemian hippie chic designs or foodie fun ideas, there’s something for everyone in these invitation templates that cater to both the mother-to-be and father-to-be. And when choosing your invitation paper, remember that sustainability doesn’t mean sacrificing style – opt for Laid or Felt Ecru papers for elegant yet eco-friendly invitations that will impress your guests while reducing your environmental footprint.

If you’re planning a baby shower for a couple who is expecting a child, you should think about all of the invitation options. While there are numerous options for couples inviting their friends and family to join them in celebrating, one growing trend is couples baby shower invitations. Although these designs are cute and entertaining, they may have some drawbacks. Let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of couples baby shower invitations.


  1. Unique Design Elements – Couples’ baby shower invitations frequently include design elements like storks or footprints that represent the upcoming arrival in a cute way.
  2. Matching Stationery – These invitation designs are typically sold in sets, allowing you to have matching stationery from invitations to thank-you cards and more!
  3. Customizable Options – Our couples baby shower invitations provide customizable options, allowing you to make changes to perfectly fit your individual style and needs.


  1. Limited Design Options – Some couples baby shower invitations may only be available in a few designs that don’t provide enough variety when deciding what type of invite is best for your special occasion.
  2. Expensive Additions – With detailed customizations come additional costs for things like gold foil embellishments, which can quickly add up if not budgeted correctly in advance.
  3. Not Necessarily Gender Neutral – Some couples’ baby shower invitation designs are typically gender-focused, while others may feature mostly neutral themes; however, depending on personal preference, this could be viewed as either a pro or a con item!

Overall, couples baby shower invitations can provide beautiful details that will help make your event even more memorable, but they must also be carefully considered in terms of cost before making any decisions about what type of invitation to choose!

Are you looking for an incredible way to celebrate? Until the end of the 2000s, celebrating a coed (or couples baby shower) was almost unthinkable. But thanks to the pioneer spirit of some young couples this is the single most popular baby shower theme today.

And there is no wonder why.

While it may not come as a surprise to many of you, the BBQ baby shower is definitely one of the most popular styles to celebrate.

One of the main reasons young couples are choosing to throw a BabyQ is due to the relaxed and fun atmosphere that grill parties offer. And unlike others types of celebrations, it will be difficult to find somebody that doesn’t love a good BBQ.

We’ve collected hundreds of the cutest baby shower invitations that you’ll find for both a relaxed couples shower, or the more carefree BBQ party.

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