Bring A Book Request Baby Shower Invitations

Bring a book baby shower invitations are invitation designs featuring an array of themes for the special occasion. They are perfect for parents who want to give their guests the opportunity to bring a book as a gift.

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If you’re planning a baby shower and looking for unique and creative themes, a “bring a book” baby shower is a wonderful idea. It not only allows guests to contribute to the little one’s growing library, but it also promotes literacy and fosters a love for reading from an early age. However, if you want to explore other options or add more variety to your baby shower themes, here are some related ideas that you can consider:

Storybook Characters

  • Host a baby shower inspired by beloved storybook characters. Guests can dress up as their favorite characters or create themed decorations based on popular children’s books.
  • Use invitations designed with illustrations of famous storybook characters and include quotes or snippets from classic children’s literature.
  • Decorate the venue with props and cutouts featuring characters like Alice in Wonderland, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, or Winnie the Pooh.

Fairy Tales

  • Transform your baby shower into a magical fairy tale wonderland. Choose invitations that depict castles, enchanted forests, or princesses.
  • Decorate the venue with whimsical elements such as twinkling lights, colorful flowers, and DIY fairy tale props like glass slippers or tiaras.
  • Serve food items that are inspired by fairy tales such as “Snow White’s apple bites” or “Cinderella’s pumpkin cupcakes.”

Nursery Rhymes

  • Celebrate the charm of nursery rhymes by hosting a baby shower centered around these timeless classics. Select invitations with nursery rhyme illustrations to set the tone.
  • Decorate the venue with posters displaying well-known nursery rhyme lyrics and hang mobiles featuring characters from popular rhymes like Humpty Dumpty or Jack and Jill.
  • Plan games where guests can recite nursery rhymes or match rhymes with their corresponding titles.

Adventure Stories

  • Take your guests on an adventurous baby shower journey inspired by thrilling tales and exciting escapades. Choose invitations that portray maps, treasure chests, or adventure-themed imagery.
  • Set up decorations like globes, vintage suitcases, and paper airplanes to create a sense of exploration.
  • Organize interactive games based on adventures or treasure hunts that guests can participate in.

Animal Kingdom

  • If the mom-to-be has a fondness for animals or wants to create an animal-themed nursery for the baby, consider hosting an animal kingdom-inspired baby shower. Opt for invitations featuring cute animal illustrations.
  • Decorate the venue with stuffed animals, paw prints, and animal-themed banners.
  • Serve snacks such as “cheetah chow” (trail mix) or “animal crackers” to add to the theme.

By exploring these alternative baby shower themes related to the concept of “bring a book,” you can create a memorable event that reflects the interests and personality of the parents-to-be. Remember that no matter which theme you choose, it’s important to have fun, celebrate new life, and inspire a love for reading in both parents and child.

When planning a baby shower with a “bring a book” theme, there are many related themes you can consider to add variety and excitement. From storybook characters to nursery rhymes and adventure stories, each theme provides its own unique charm. By incorporating these ideas into your baby shower planning, you can create an unforgettable event that celebrates literature while also celebrating the arrival of a precious little one. Explore these themes to make your baby shower even more special.

The Art of Bring A Book Baby Shower Invitations

Throwing a baby shower is an exciting time for expecting parents, and using book-themed invitations is one creative way to involve your guests in the celebration. These unique invitation designs come in a variety of themes and are ideal for giving books to the soon-to-arrive bundle of joy in your life. They not only add a unique touch, but they also allow your guests to share their favorite stories with the new arrival.

The Art of Bring A Book Baby Shower Invitations

Are you planning a baby shower and want to make it unique and memorable? One way to do that is by sending out Bring A Book Baby Shower Invitations. This type of invitation encourages guests to bring a children’s book as a gift for the baby, which not only helps build the new baby’s library but also promotes literacy.

There are many different themes and designs to choose from when it comes to these invitations. We will explore some of the most popular themes for Bring A Book Baby Shower Invitations and highlight the signature and premium paper options available.

Nature-Inspired Invitations

If you’re looking for an invitation theme that exudes whimsy, dreaminess, and elegance, then nature-inspired invitations are perfect. These invitations incorporate floral motifs that can set the tone for a beautiful celebration.

  • Sweet Strawberry: This invitation features sweet strawberries on a whimsical background and can be printed on signature columned paper by Mohawk Fine Papers or premium linen paper by Neenah Inc.
  • Sunflower: This design features vibrant sunflowers that create warmth and positivity. It can be printed on either signature columned or laid paper by Neenah Inc.
  • Wildflower: An excellent option for those who love wildflowers. This design is playful yet elegant and can be printed on either signature columned or felt white paper by Mohawk Fine Papers.
  • Yellow Lemon: For those who enjoy citrus fruits, this bright yellow lemon-themed invitation is sure to spark joy. It can be printed on either signature columned or laid paper.

Animal-Inspired Invitations

Animal-themed invitations are always a hit at baby showers because they’re cute, playful, and perfect for welcoming a new baby into the world. These designs feature adorable illustrations of wild animals such as lions, giraffes or bears.

  • Safari Theme: This invitation features a variety of safari animals and can be printed on signature columned or laid paper.
  • Bear Theme: A bear-themed invitation is perfect for a cozy and intimate gathering. It can be printed on either signature columned or premium kraft paper by French Paper Company.

Sweet Treats-Inspired Invitations

For those who have a sweet tooth, these invitations are perfect. They feature fun designs of popsicles or gold butterflies that will surely tickle your taste buds.

  • Popsicle: This design features popsicles of different colors and shapes and can be printed on either signature columned or felt white paper.
  • Sweet Gold Butterfly: This elegant invitation has gold butterflies that add a touch of sophistication to the celebration. It can be printed on either signature columned or premium linen paper.

Moon-Inspired Invitations

A moon-inspired theme is perfect for celebrating the arrival of a new baby girl. This elegant invitation exudes simplicity yet elegance and sets the tone for a charming affair filled with soft colors.

  • Over The Moon Girl Baby Shower Book Request Card: It features an illustration of a crescent moon on top of pink clouds and can be printed on premium linen paper.

Sunshine-Inspired Invitations

The sunflower invite isn’t the only option when it comes to sunshine-inspired invitations. There’s also an invitation that features beautiful illustrations of sunflowers that symbolize happiness and joy – just like how babies bring sunshine into our lives!

  • Sunshine Baby Shower Book Request Enclosure Card: It has an illustration of sunflowers that spreads positivity, good vibes, and excitement about the upcoming event. This invitation can be printed on premium linen paper.

Signature vs. Premium Paper Options

When ordering Bring A Book Baby Shower Invitations, you will have to choose between two categories: Signature and Premium. Below we will compare some popular papers within each category.

Signature Paper Options

Mohawk Fine Papers produces signature paper types, including Columned and Felt White.

  • Columned: A true classic, this signature paper is crafted from a sustainable cotton-blend. The timeless, horizontal fine columned texture lends sophistication to formal events. It consists of 25% cotton and is eco-friendly, made with 50% post-consumer content.
  • Felt White: Like the canvas of a fine watercolor, this thick and textured paper has an embossed woven finish that gives it a velvety feel. It’s eco-friendly and made using 100% wind-powered electricity.

Premium Paper Options

Neenah Inc. produces premium paper types, including Linen and Laid.

  • Linen: This superbly elegant paper has embossed linen textures that create a subtle yet timeless impression perfect for traditional weddings or special occasions. It’s soft white with an embossed linen texture that makes it a beautiful addition to any invitation.
  • Laid: Featuring a richly crafted ribbed texture from the art of watermarking, this premium paper boasts unparalleled craftsmanship. Its bespoke look and feel are reminiscent of the first handmade paper.

Signature paper options tend to be more durable and versatile than premium papers – Mohawk Fine Papers’ Columned has a thickness of 15.2 points while Neenah Inc.’s Laid has a thickness of 16.5 points which makes it sturdier for events that will involve handing out invitations in person or mailing them without extra protection.

On the other hand, premium papers tend to have unique finishes that create lasting impressions – Neenah Inc.’s Linen has an embossed texture while French Paper Company’s Kraft has an earthy tone with smooth texture.

Bring A Book Baby Shower Invitations are a creative way to make your baby shower memorable and promote literacy at the same time. There are countless designs and themes to choose from, including those inspired by nature, animals, sweet treats, moon, and sunshine.

When it comes to paper options, signature papers like Mohawk Fine Papers’ Columned and Felt White tend to be more durable and versatile while premium papers like Neenah Inc.’s Linen have unique finishes that make lasting impressions. Whatever your preference may be, there’s a perfect invitation out there waiting for you!

Bring a book baby shower invitations are the ideal way to give guests the opportunity to give a special gift to the soon-to-be parents. These adorable designs will help you create the perfect invitation for your event, whether you’re looking for classic themes or something more modern. While they may be excellent choices for some, there are some potential drawbacks to consider when selecting this style of invitation.

Let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks of bring a book baby shower invitations.


  1. Guests have the option of giving books and other items as baby shower gifts.
  2. Designs can range from simple classics to intricate, one-of-a-kind styles that can be tailored to any taste or theme.
  3. An excellent opportunity to be creative and personalize the invitations with photos, poems, and quotes about new babies or motherhood.
  4. Allows guests enough time to shop for the perfect gift before the event.
  5. Gives parents a lot of useful items for their little bundle of joy, as well as precious keepsakes like picture books or storybooks that can become treasured memories later on.


  1. It may incur additional costs for those guests who prefer to purchase traditional gifts such as toys, clothing, and diapers rather than books.
  2. Some people may feel awkward having to request that all attendees bring one type of gift rather than allowing them freedom when shopping for a gift – this may limit their ability to demonstrate their own individual creativity or thoughtfulness in selecting an appropriate item for the occasion!
  3. It can be difficult to find good quality children’s books geared specifically toward newborns!

When deciding whether or not to bring a book baby shower invitation to your special day celebration, the final decision comes down to what you prefer both aesthetically and economically! Finally, by carefully weighing both sides ahead of time, you’ll be able to create an unforgettable experience while giving friends and family members alike the opportunity to share warm wishes through literature!

All things considered, bring a book baby shower invitations are a surefire way to ensure that everyone involved feels included in the festivities!

What is a “Bring a Book” Baby Shower?

A baby shower with the theme “bring a book” is a wonderful way to both celebrate the arrival of a new baby and inspire a lifelong love of reading in the child. This particular kind of shower is an entertaining and memorable way to bring together the book-loving families and friends of the guest of honor. This special occasion can be made even more memorable by the host’s selection of book-themed invitations, decorations, activities, and presents for guests to take home.

The giving of books to the new baby as presents is the primary focus of a book shower. The baby shower appears to be set up the same way as any other typical baby shower, complete with games, food, and presents; however, in this case, the presents are all focused on books. Guests are asked to bring well-known children’s books or board books that can be read to infants and toddlers by their parents before bedtime or during other quiet times throughout the course of their childhood. Other guests may choose to participate in mind-challenging activities such as coloring books, puzzles, or educational games. Products such as these have the dual benefit of fostering a child’s early development while also providing them with hours of entertainment.

Tips for Selecting Invites for a Book-Themed Baby Shower:

There are a lot of different possibilities available to you when it comes to selecting the perfect invitation for your upcoming bring a book shower. To get things started, you can look for lovable paper invitations with designs that feature well-known characters from well-known children’s books such as Winnie the Pooh or Dr. Seuss. There are even creative online invitations that are shaped like storybooks. These invitations can be found online, and they contain all of the information regarding your upcoming celebration in a format that is eye-catching. You could even design your own personalized invitations using a variety of fonts, graphics, images, and colors that bring out the essence of your one-of-a-kind theme! You can rest assured that regardless of the type of invitation you send out, everyone will be excited about the prospect of attending your special day.

Here are some ideas that may help you find the invitation that is just right for your book baby shower:

  1. Choose some bright and cheery colored cardstock paper with some whimsical shapes like stars or hearts printed on it, and then add some well-known nursery rhymes or quotes from classic stories along with the information about your party;

  2. Choose an old-fashioned look for your library card, complete with phony due date stamps;

  3. Make folded invitations that resemble miniature storybooks and fold them.

  4. Make use of cards that are double-sided and feature illustrations from well-known children’s books;

  5. Find ready-made, printable invitations that are full of vibrant details and packed with color;

  6. Choose the option that allows you to purchase a digital copy of one of our invitations in order to reduce your carbon footprint;

  7. Produce some cards with a chalkboard motif that are straightforward but endearing;

  8. Choose vibrant multicolored patterned cards that are meant specifically for this type of occasion; in most cases, they come complete with envelopes that match as well.

No matter what kind of invitation you decide to send out for your upcoming book baby shower, you should make sure that it conveys both the joy that is associated with this happy occasion as well as the one-of-a-kind theme that is centered on reading and education. Because there is such a wide variety of creative opportunities available, you are sure to find something that is just right for you.

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