Football Themed Invitations For A Baby Shower

Football themed baby shower invitations are designed with football related colors, images, and motifs. Perfect for sports fan parents celebrating the arrival of their little one.

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Scheduling your baby shower with a football theme can be a fun and exciting way to celebrate the imminent arrival of your little one. Once you’ve selected your football-themed baby shower invitations, there are numerous other ways to incorporate this theme into your event. From decorations to games and food, here are some ideas to make your football-themed baby shower truly memorable.


  1. Team Colors: Incorporate the colors of your favorite football team into your decorations. Hang streamers, balloons, and banners in these colors throughout the venue.
  2. Football Field Backdrop: Create a backdrop that resembles a football field by using green tablecloths or artificial turf as the base. Add white lines using tape or paint for an authentic touch.
  3. Jersey Banners: Hang personalized baby jerseys with the parents’ last names or the baby’s due date as banner decorations.
  4. Football Balloons: Fill the space with football-shaped balloons and regular balloons in team colors.

Games and Activities

  1. Predict the MVP: Have guests predict which parent the baby will take after more in terms of looks or personality traits. Provide attributes like “fastest runner” or “best dancer” for guests to choose from.
  2. Baby Football Toss: Set up a mini-football toss game where guests can practice their throwing skills by aiming for targets such as cutouts of football players, goalposts, or baskets.
  3. Guess the Baby’s Stats: Place a poster board with spaces for guests to write down their predictions about the baby’s birth stats, such as weight, height, and time of birth.
  4. Diaper Changing Relay Race: Divide guests into teams and have them compete in changing diapers on dolls while being timed.

Food and Drinks

  1. Tailgate-Inspired Menu: Serve popular tailgate foods like sliders, hot dogs, nachos, and chicken wings. Consider having a build-your-own burger or taco bar for guests to customize their meals.
  2. Football-Shaped Treats: Get creative with football-shaped treats like cookies decorated with icing to resemble footballs, mini sandwiches cut into the shape of footballs, or cupcakes with football-themed toppers.
  3. Referee Refreshments: Serve drinks in clear cups labeled with referee stripes using black electrical tape or markers.

Remember to have plenty of non-alcoholic drink options available for the mom-to-be and other guests who may prefer them.

By incorporating these ideas into your football-themed baby shower, you can create an event that brings together the excitement of welcoming a new baby with the love of the game. From decorations that reflect team colors to games and activities that celebrate both parents and their little one, this theme is sure to score big among your guests. Get ready for some touchdown-worthy fun as you celebrate the upcoming arrival in true football style.

Celebrating A Little Fan

Do you have a little football fan on the way? With football themed baby shower invitations, you can celebrate the arrival of your new bundle of joy. Show off the excitement of your big day with bright images, motifs, and colors inspired by America’s favorite sport. With these bright and colorful invitations, your special occasion will be a smashing success!

Are you a football-loving parent looking to incorporate your passion into a baby shower celebration? Football themed baby shower invitations are the perfect way to invite guests and set the tone for the event. With various designs and themes available, you can choose an invitation that fits your style perfectly.

Chalkboard Sports Theme

The Chalkboard Sports Theme invitations are perfect for those looking for a unique and stylish way to invite guests to their football-themed baby shower. These invitations feature a chalkboard-style background with colorful illustrations of different sports equipment, including footballs. The text is also written in chalk-like font, giving it a rustic and vintage feel.

Football Gender Reveal

Make your gender reveal party even more exciting by inviting your guests with the Football Ticket Gender Reveal invitations. These fun and playful invitations feature a football field background with an actual ticket design that can be customized to match your event details. You can even choose from different color options for the ticket itself.

Vintage Rustic Sports Boy Football

For those who prefer something more traditional yet still charming, the Vintage Rustic Sports Boy Football invitations are perfect. These invitations feature an old-fashioned look that brings back memories of childhood games and neighborhood football matches. The brown and green colors add to the rustic feel while still maintaining elegance.

TWIN Football Baby Shower Chalkboard

For those expecting twins, the TWIN Football Baby Shower Chalkboard invites are perfect for announcing double the excitement! This invitation features a chalkboard design with two adorable illustrations of baby boys holding footballs. The typography is cute and playful while still being easy to read and understand.

When choosing invitation paper types, there are various options available such as standard, signature, or premium. Here are some examples:

Standard Paper Type

The Standard Matte paper type by Mohawk Fine Papers has a thickness of 17.5 pt and weight of 120 lb/324 GSM. It has a natural feel and an uncoated matte finish, which stands the test of time. Elegant and understated, colors print softer and more subtle. This paper is easy to write on and won’t smudge, making it a great option for invitations.

Signature Paper Type

The Felt White paper type by Mohawk Fine Papers is a signature paper type with a thickness of 16.6 points and weight of 110 lb/300 GSM. Like the canvas of a fine watercolor, the Signature Felt White is thick and textured with an embossed woven finish. The velvety feel and brilliant white color create an artsy backdrop for your special announcements. This eco-friendly paper is made using 100% wind-powered electricity.

The Felt Ecru paper type by Mohawk Fine Papers is another signature paper type with similar thickness and weight as the Felt White variety. Slightly rustic with finesse of fine art, the Signature Felt Ecru is similar to high-quality watercolor paper. Its warm creamy hue provides a velvet-to-the-touch texture that can be ideal for events like baby showers.

The Laid paper type by Neenah Inc. is another signature option with a thickness of 16.5 points and weight of 100 lb/270 GSM. Featuring richly crafted ribbed texture from the art of watermarking, our Signature Laid boasts unparalleled craftsmanship that provides bespoke look and feel reminiscent of the first handmade papers.

Premium Paper Type

The Champagne Shimmer paper type by Fedrigoni is a premium option imported from Italy that has a thickness of 14.3 points and weight of 110 lb/300 GSM that adds warmth to celebratory occasions like baby showers or gender reveal parties.

Another premium option is Kraft Paper produced in USA by French Paper Company that has an earth tone with smooth texture making it perfect for outdoor events.

The Semi-Gloss paper type by Fedrigoni is another standard paper type with a brightness of 50% recycled content, bright white semi-gloss finish, and FSC certified that can be ideal for printing needs.

Football-themed baby shower invitations are a fun way to incorporate your passion into the celebration. With various designs and themes available, you can choose an invitation that fits your style perfectly. When deciding on the right type of cardstock, consider options like standard, signature, and premium papers. Each paper type offers unique qualities like texture, thickness, or eco-friendliness that can help make your invitations stand out.

Many parents want to celebrate the impending arrival of their child with friends and family. Because there are so many options, picking a theme for your special occasion can be exciting. Football themed baby shower invitations are now popular among sports fans, as they allow them to incorporate their passion for the game into this joyous occasion. Take the time to consider the following pros and cons before deciding whether football themed baby shower invitations are right for you.


  1. Innovative way to reflect parents’ shared football interests.
  2. Decor and other supplies with the same theme can be easily coordinated.
  3. If desired, the design also includes gender reveal opportunities.
  4. Exudes a sense of playfulness, making it inviting and enjoyable for guests.
  5. Depending on budget constraints, high-quality materials are used.


  1. Non-sports fan friends or family members may be barred from attending.
  2. Due to specific design elements, it may be difficult to find matching products.
  3. When compared to more traditional options, the selection of football designs may be limited.
  4. Some families may find football images to be too masculine.
  5. The costs of purchasing special items, such as football-themed envelopes, can quickly add up.

Football themed baby shower invitations add a unique twist to what could be a memorable event for everyone involved. Despite some drawbacks, as with any other type of invitation, these designs allow couples to express themselves in a unique way that reflects their personalities while celebrating the impending birth of their child.

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