Double Twins Baby Shower Invitations

Double baby shower invitations are invitation designs featuring double the fun for parents expecting twins.

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When it comes to planning a baby shower, choosing the right theme is essential. A popular and unique choice for a baby shower theme is a double baby shower. This type of celebration is perfect for expecting parents who are welcoming twins or siblings close in age. However, if you’re looking for alternative themes that still incorporate the idea of double baby shower invitations, there are several creative options to consider. Let’s explore some of these themes:

“Two Peas in a Pod” Theme:

  • Decorate the venue with green and yellow colors to represent fresh peas.
  • Use pea pod-shaped decorations such as balloons, banners, and table centerpieces.
  • Serve food items like mini quiches, deviled eggs, or other bite-sized treats that resemble peas.

“Double Trouble” Theme:

  • Embrace the mischievous side by incorporating playful elements into the decor such as cartoon-inspired decorations or images of famous mischief-makers.
  • Set up activity stations where guests can participate in games that involve pairs or doubles, such as a relay race with two participants per team.
  • Serve themed snacks like “double trouble” sliders or mini sandwiches.

“Twice Upon a Time” Fairytale Theme:

  • Create an enchanting atmosphere with fairytale-inspired decorations such as castles, crowns, and storybook props.
  • Encourage guests to dress up as their favorite fairytale characters.
  • Have a storytelling session where guests can share their favorite childhood stories or read passages from classic fairytales.

“Two by Two” Noah’s Ark Theme:

  • Decorate the venue with animals representing different species found on Noah’s Ark.
  • Incorporate rainbows into the decor to symbolize hope and promise.
  • Have animal-themed games and activities like guessing games about animal facts or a “pin the tail on the animal” game.

“Double Sweetness” Candyland Theme:

  • Create a vibrant and colorful candy-themed atmosphere with decorations like oversized lollipops, candy canes, and gumball machines.
  • Set up a candy buffet where guests can mix and match their favorite sweets.
  • Organize fun games like a candy jar guessing game or a blindfolded taste test.

No matter which theme you choose, remember to incorporate elements that reflect the joy of expecting two little ones. The double baby shower invitation sets the tone for the celebration, so make sure to tie in your chosen theme throughout the event. With these alternative themes related to double baby shower invitations, you can create an unforgettable and personalized experience for the parents-to-be.

When planning a baby shower with a double baby shower invitation theme, there are numerous creative options that go beyond just celebrating twins or siblings close in age. Whether you opt for a “Two Peas in a Pod” theme, embrace the mischievous side with “Double Trouble,” explore fairytales with “Twice Upon a Time,” bring out animals with “Two by Two,” or create a sweet wonderland with “Double Sweetness,” these themes can add an extra layer of excitement and uniqueness to your celebration. Choose one that resonates with the parents-to-be and let your creativity shine as you plan an unforgettable event filled with love, joy, and anticipation for their little bundles of joy.

Celebrating Double the Joy with Double Baby Shower Invitations for Twins

Are you expecting two bundles of joy? Throw a double baby shower to celebrate! Double baby shower invitations are an exciting and unique design that will be remembered. Instead of just one, parents expecting twins can select designs with two babies side by side or other creative images to create a one-of-a-kind look. Whether it’s a fun cartoon style or something more elegant, these invitations are sure to turn heads and get guests excited for the upcoming event.

Doubling Up On Fun

Expecting twins is a unique experience that calls for double the celebration. As parents prepare to welcome two new bundles of joy into their lives, it’s only fitting to throw a special baby shower for them. Double baby shower invitations are designed specifically for parents expecting twins and come in various themes that cater to different styles and preferences. This page will explore some of the best double baby shower invitations available and provide information on signature paper types that can help make these invitations even more special.

Double baby shower invitations come in various themes that cater to different preferences, from classic designs to whimsical illustrations. Here are some of the best themes available:

Double the Blessings Twin Girls Classy and Airy Botanical Twin

Parents expecting twin girls can choose from two beautiful designs – “Double the Blessings Twin Girls Classy” and “Airy Botanical Twin.” The former features a simple yet elegant design with a touch of sophistication, while the latter has a whimsical aesthetic perfect for nature-loving parents.

Double the Love Clothes Twin Boys and Blue Pink Teddy Bear Boy Girl Twins

For parents expecting twin boys or boy-girl twins, “Double the Love Clothes Twin Boys” and “Blue Pink Teddy Bear Boy Girl Twins” are great options. The classic design of “Double the Love Clothes Twin Boys” uses blue hues to signify unconditional love for their little ones. Meanwhile, “Blue Pink Teddy Bear Boy Girl Twins” adds an adorable touch to any baby shower with its cute teddy bear illustrations in pink and blue.

Double Love Girl Twins Pink Virtual and Double Trouble Girl Twins Pink Virtual

Virtual celebrations have become increasingly popular due to social distancing measures, and these double baby shower invitations cater perfectly to this trend. With “Double Love Girl Twins Pink Virtual,” parents can celebrate their twin girls’ arrival with loved ones near or far. The soft pink hue used in this invitation adds a sweet touch to any virtual gathering. For expecting moms who may be feeling overwhelmed, the playful title of “Double Trouble Girl Twins Pink Virtual” lightens the mood. This invitation is ideal for creating a fun-filled atmosphere during a virtual celebration.

Double the Trouble Clothes Twin Boys and Double the Love Twins Boy Girl Virtual

Finally, for parents expecting boy-girl twins or twin boys, “Double the Trouble Clothes Twin Boys” and “Double the Love Twins Boy Girl Virtual” are great options. With “Double the Trouble Clothes Twin Boys,” parents can embrace their playful side with this invitation’s striking black and white design. Meanwhile, “Double the Love Twins Boy Girl Virtual” is perfect for families who want to celebrate their twins’ arrival virtually. The simple yet charming design of this invitation is perfect for creating a warm and inclusive atmosphere, even from a distance.

Signature Paper Types

To make these double baby shower invitations even more special, consider using signature paper types that add texture and depth to your invitations. Here are some top picks:

Felt White Paper

Produced in the USA by Mohawk Fine Papers, Felt White paper is a signature paper type with a thickness of 16.6 points and weight of 110 lb/300 GSM. Like the canvas of a fine watercolor, the Signature Felt White is thick and textured with an embossed woven finish. The velvety feel and brilliant white color create an artsy backdrop for your special announcements.

Columned Paper

Also produced by Mohawk Fine Papers in the USA, Columned paper is another signature paper type with a thickness of 15.2 points and weight of 110 lb/300 GSM. A true classic, our Signature Columned is hand-selected crafted from sustainable cotton-blend. The timeless, horizontal fine columned texture lends sophistication that will set the tone for your formal events.

Felt Ecru Paper

Finally, Felt Ecru paper is another signature paper type produced by Mohawk Fine Papers in the USA. With a thickness of 16.6 points and weight of 110 lb/300 GSM, this paper has a slightly rustic feel to it with the finesse of fine art. The Signature Felt Ecru is similar to high-quality watercolor paper with a warm and creamy hue that adds a touch of elegance to any invitation.

Double baby shower invitations come in various themes and designs that cater to different preferences. Choosing the right theme and paper type can make your baby shower even more special as you celebrate the arrival of two new bundles of joy into your life.

Having twins is a wonderful gift, but it can also be difficult to manage. Even before the little ones arrive, planning for two babies instead of one can be overwhelming. A double baby shower invitation design is one way to help parents-to-be celebrate their double blessing. Before you decide whether or not this type of invitation is appropriate for your event, consider the following pros and cons of double baby shower invitations:


  • Double the fun – Having two invitations in one allows you to express your creativity twice as much when designing the invites. This can make them one-of-a-kind and special!
  • Specialized themes – Whether you’re expecting boy/girl twins or identical twins, there are plenty of options for customizing the message on each invitation based on gender or other preferences.
  • Simple organization – Guests will have all the information they need about the date, time, and location on a single card, eliminating the need to search between cards.


  • Limited space – Because you are limited by size constraints, there may not be enough room for all the details you would like to include with the invitation if you want it able to fit into a standard envelope size.

Overall, depending on the look, feel, and budget of your celebration, double baby shower invitations have both advantages and disadvantages. Weighing all factors before deciding on this type of custom order will ensure that you get exactly what you need without spending too much money or time!

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