Reschedule Your Baby Shower With Change The Date Invitations

Change the date baby shower invitations allow parents to easily update their baby shower invitation designs with new dates or other changes in case of a need for rescheduling.

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Planning an unforgettable baby shower can be an exciting and creative endeavor. If you’re considering a “change the date” theme for your baby shower invitations, there are several other related themes that can add a unique touch to your celebration. Whether you want to incorporate elements of time or emphasize flexibility, these alternative themes can make your baby shower memorable. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

Time Travel Adventure

  • Create invitations that resemble old-fashioned postcards or vintage train tickets.
  • Decorate the venue with clocks set at different times and vintage travel-themed props like suitcases and globes.
  • Encourage guests to dress up in period costumes from different eras.
  • Set up activity stations inspired by different time periods, such as a Victorian tea party or a 1950s diner.

Around the Clock

  • Design invitations in the shape of clocks or use clock imagery.
  • Divide your event into different time segments (e.g. , morning, afternoon, evening) and plan corresponding activities.
  • Ask guests to bring gifts associated with specific times of day (e.g. , pajamas for bedtime).
  • Serve food and drinks that correspond to each time segment (e.g. , breakfast items in the morning, cocktails in the evening).

Seasons of Change

  • Send out invitations featuring illustrations or photographs representing each season.
  • Decorate the venue with seasonal decorations, such as flowers, leaves, snowflakes, or beach-themed elements.
  • Plan activities and games related to each season, such as pumpkin carving for fall or making paper snowflakes for winter.
  • Offer seasonal refreshments like hot cocoa in winter or fruity mocktails in summer.

Flexibility Fiesta

  • Design invitations with vibrant colors and fiesta-themed illustrations.
  • Set up a taco bar with various toppings and a build-your-own margarita station.
  • Incorporate fun and flexible games, like a piñata or musical chairs with baby-related twists.
  • Provide a craft station where guests can create their own personalized onesies or baby accessories.

Adventure Awaits

  • Create invitations that resemble airline boarding passes or passports.
  • Decorate the venue with travel-themed decorations like maps, suitcases, and compasses.
  • Set up stations representing different destinations around the world, each offering unique activities and food from that region.
  • Encourage guests to share travel stories or advice for the parents-to-be.

No matter which theme you choose, don’t forget to incorporate the “change the date” concept into your invitations. You can mention it subtly by using phrases like “Oh baby. The date’s been rescheduled.” or more overtly by including a playful rhyme to inform guests of the new date.

Remember, the most important aspect of any baby shower is creating an atmosphere of joy and celebration for the parents-to-be. By selecting a theme that reflects their personality and incorporating elements of flexibility and adaptability, you can ensure a memorable event that embraces change with open arms.

Crafting a theme for the baby shower with a “change the date” invitation theme opens up various possibilities for other related themes to make your celebration unique. From time travel adventures to celebrating different seasons or embracing flexibility and adventure, these alternative themes allow you to infuse creativity into every aspect of your event. By incorporating elements that resonate with the expectant parents’ style and preferences, you’ll create lasting memories for all involved. Embrace change and let your imagination soar as you plan a baby shower that will be cherished forever.

A Guide to Change the Date Baby Shower Invitations

“Change the Date” baby shower invitations are a great option for those who may need to change their plans. These invitations allow parents to easily update their invitees with new dates or any other necessary changes, whether due to unforeseen circumstances or simply changing the date of an event. When unexpected impediments arise, having “Change the Date” baby shower invitations ensures that everything remains organized and on track. We’ll explore different themes for change the date baby shower invitations and highlight some popular paper types to help you make informed decisions.

When selecting a theme for your change the date baby shower invitations, it’s essential to consider your preferences and those of your guests. Here are three fantastic themes worth considering:

Greenery and Animal-themed Baby Showers

Greenery designs with animal accents are perfect for gender-neutral baby showers. The Modern Twin Lion Greenery Gold Baby Shower By Mail, Modern Twin Elephant Greenery Baby Shower By Mail, and Yellow Swash Clothes Baby Shower Change the Date Announcement Postcard all fall under this category. The lion and elephant designs are ideal for twin baby showers, while the yellow swash clothes design is perfect for a casual celebration.

COVID-19 Related Cancellations

The ongoing pandemic has forced many events to be postponed or canceled. In light of that, simple yet elegant invites like Baby Shower Corona Virus Cancellation Card, Change of Date Postponed Cancelled Event Save The Date, and Change of Date Postponed Cancelled Event provide an easy way of informing guests about any changes in plans related to a baby shower.

Floral-themed Announcements

Floral designs are great if you’re looking for feminine and elegant invites. The Blush Peony Change of Plans Shower Announcement and Baby Shower Postponed Date Blush Pink Floral Announcement Postcard feature beautiful floral designs in shades of pink that convey sophistication while still being playful.

Popular Paper Types for Change the Date Baby Shower Invitations

Choosing the appropriate cardstock for change the date baby shower invitations can be a challenge. Here are some popular paper types to guide you in making informed choices:

Premium Paper – Champagne Shimmer

Champagne Shimmer is a premium paper type produced in Italy by Fedrigoni. It has a thickness of 14.3 points and a weight of 110 lb/300 GSM, making it perfect for invitations with luxurious finishes that create lasting impressions. The paper has a shimmer finish with a smooth texture, creating warm sparkle, suitable for announcing celebrations.

Standard Paper – Semi-Gloss

Fedrigoni’s Semi-Gloss is an economical and versatile standard paper type that produces crisp and vibrant images with exceptional color and detail. The paper has a brightness of bright white and features 50% recycled content. It’s ideal for all printing needs, including change the date baby shower invitations.

Signature Paper – Felt Ecru

Felt Ecru from Mohawk Fine Papers is slightly rustic with fine art finesse, similar to high-quality watercolor paper. This signature paper type is warm and creamy in hue, providing velvet-to-the-touch textured printed materials ideal for events like baby showers. It has an embossed woven texture that enriches your invitations or announcement’s look and feel.

Kraft Paper

Kraft Paper from French Paper Company provides an au naturel look perfect for outdoorsy occasions such as romantic DIY touches on baby shower invites. It’s eco-friendly as it contains 30% post-consumer content, making it perfect if you’re environmentally conscious about your event planning choices.

Standard Matte

Standard Matte by Mohawk Fine Papers is easy to write on without smudging and won’t leave ink blemishes on your beautiful invitation cards. The light white uncoated matte finish comes with an eggshell texture that conveys subtle colors print softer while still being elegant.

Signature Laid

Neenah Inc.’s signature paper type, Signature Laid, features a ribbed texture crafted from the art of watermarking. It boasts unparalleled craftsmanship that enriches your invitations and announcements’ bespoke look and feel, reminiscent of the first handmade paper.

Change the date baby shower invitations help you inform your guests about any rescheduling or postponement of your event. When selecting a theme for your invites, consider greenery and animal-themed baby showers, COVID-19 related cancellations, or floral-themed announcements. Additionally, choosing high-quality paper types like premium Champagne Shimmer or eco-friendly Kraft Paper ensures that you create lasting impressions on your guests while still being environmentally conscious.

The traditional baby shower invitation is a beautiful way to share the joy and anticipation of a new life. However, when plans change due to an unexpected event, expecting parents may find it difficult to replace or reprint invitations. Change the date baby shower invitations provide a one-of-a-kind solution that eliminates the hassle when rescheduling any special occasion, no matter if professionally printed or as fully editable download option.

Here are some pros and cons to consider when deciding whether or not to take advantage of these convenient invites to help you make this important decision.


  1. Quick changes – If you choose the digital download option offered here on StorkSent, you will be able to make last-minute changes without having to reorder costly paper products!
  2. Cost effectiveness – There’s no need to spend money completely redoing your invitations after you’ve set your date; simply update as needed with no additional expense.
  3. Stress-free – Don’t worry about scrambling at the last minute if something unexpected comes up—the convenience and flexibility provided by interchangeable date options keeps things organized and stress-free throughout the planning process.
  4. Eco-friendly – Avoid unnecessary waste by reprinting your paper goods multiple times!


  1. Potential confusion – Some guests may miss the initial mailings and then miss subsequent notifications about date changes, causing them to miss out on attending entirely.
  2. Technology hurdles – There could potentially be technology gaps amongst guests that prevent viewing (or updating) their invitations online, resulting in missed information if they don’t have access to email or other mobile devices.

Change the date baby shower invitations provide incredible convenience and cost savings while also assisting in the reduction of excess waste caused by repeated printings of stationery items. However, there are some potential drawbacks, such as confusing guests who are unaware of later changes or technological challenges that may prevent certain guests from making necessary adjustments, resulting in potential absences from attendance.

Carefully consider all factors before selecting this type of invitation for your upcoming baby shower celebration!

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