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There’s nothing like a fun and whimsical theme to get the party started at a baby shower! These popular themes, ranging from “Over the Moon” to “Love You to the Moon and Back“, are sure to make your guests feel starry-eyed. But which is best for you?

Let us compare and discover!

The focus of “Over the Moon” and “Love You to the Moon and Back” is the first distinction. With its bright colors, floating hot air balloons, stars, moons, and more, “Over the Moon” emphasizes the excitement of welcoming a new baby into the world, whereas “Love You to the Moon and Back” focuses on celebrating existing family relationships with heartwarming messages about love.

Both themes use celestial elements such as moons and stars in their decorating, but in different ways. An “Over the Moon” themed shower, for example, could include blue tablecloths adorned with gold stars or moon garlands hung from the walls or ceilings. A “Love You to the Moon and Back” themed shower, on the other hand, could include banners with phrases like “I love you forever” or “You mean the world to me” alongside twinkling stars or crescent moons – perfect for filling a room with warm fuzzies!

Food options vary depending on the theme you select. Simple finger foods like mini cheese pizzas surrounded by sparkly stars could be served at a “Over the Moon” themed shower, while sweet treats like cupcakes topped with fondant hearts paired with creamy milkshakes adorned with crescent moons could be served at a “Love You to the Moon and Back” themed shower.

Finally, don’t overlook activities: With a “Over the Moon” theme, you can go wild with astronomical exploration games like space trivia or making your own constellations out of marshmallows. Meanwhile, if you choose a “Love You to the Moon and Back” theme, consider activities such as writing baby’s wishes on paper stars or making personal scrapbook pages dedicated to loving memories of family members past and present.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the atmosphere you want to create: one that celebrates an incredible journey ahead of parenthood (Over The Moon) or one that cherishes family bonds (Love You To The moon And Back). Whatever path you choose, remember to have fun along the way!

Top 3 “Over the Moon” Invitations

Top 3 “Love You to the Moon and Back” Invitations

“Over the Moon” or “Love You to the Moon and Back”

We’ve already seen what these two excellent themes can do for your celebration. While they share a common theme, they are very different in nature. It is entirely up to you whether to host a themed event or a more casual gathering. There are compelling reasons to select either option; let us investigate each of these possibilities and determine which one best meets your requirements.

Should You Host a Themed Baby Shower

When it comes to planning a baby shower, there are two options: a traditional baby shower or a themed baby shower. While each option has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, here are some of the reasons why a themed baby shower might be preferable.


  • Themed showers allow for greater creativity than traditional showers. You can create one-of-a-kind decorations, games, and food to match the theme of your event. This distinguishes your baby shower from others and allows you to express yourself during the planning process.

  • Themes also aid in drawing people in and getting them excited about the event. It gives them something to look forward to and adds to the party’s fun factor.

  • Hosts can also take advantage of discounts on items related to their chosen theme, such as special plates or napkins with themed characters or designs.


  • Because of all the details that must be addressed in order for everything to match the theme, planning a themed shower takes longer than planning a traditional one.

  • There are usually additional costs associated with having a themed shower because hosts must purchase items specific to their theme such as decorations, balloons, or plates, etc.

  • Finally, some guests may be unfamiliar with certain themes, so they may not be able to fully participate in the activities if they don’t understand what’s going on.

Overall, having a themed baby shower allows parents-to-be to create lasting memories that everyone can enjoy. It requires more effort on the part of hosts, but it is well worth it in the end!